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If you are fitting in the recess (reveal) sit frame on bottom of recess.  Take your red wedges and put 2 to 3 across bottom, top, left and right.  This will give you an even gap all around the shutter frame and will hold in place so you can screw your frame in.

Drill a hole in the middle of the top frame first and then screw in you screws to hold into place.  It’s really up to you how many screw you want in your frame.  With a smaller shutter kit 2-3 across the top, 2-3 across bottom, 2-3 left and right sides.  If you like you can put a screw in behind the hinges on the sides as once the shutter panels are on they will hide the screws.

Once your frame is screwed on grab you panels and put them onto the frame.  One part of the hinge is already on the frame with the other part on the panel.  Just put into place and put the pins provided into the hinges.  You may have to loosen the screw that is in the hinges to adjust the height of your panels.  Once you have the desired height then grab the small screws and finish screwing off the hinges.  There should be 3 screws per hinge. Then grab the little white buttons and put them into the screws that were screwed into panel (this will hide the screws).

Now that’s all done you will need either white or a timber colour gap filler and put a bead between your window and shutters. Congratulations you have completed your shutters.